Welcome to the Reality Where YOU Have the Power to Change the World

Welcome to the Reality Where YOU Have the Power to Change the World

Join the Global INrising — a peaceful movement designed to dissolve the fear and “unmake” this global pandemic of fear 

It’s Time to Take Our Power Back!

Dear reader who just landed on this page,
I LOVE YOU . . . And I’m so excited to have you here because I have some life-changing news and tons of pure, unconditional love for you.

I want to invite you for a journey with me. Perhaps, I will be able to remind you of who you really are — how powerful you are — and how YOU can end this global pandemic of fear — and make the world a better place.

What if I told you that YOU are more powerful than you have ever dared to believe . . .  

What if I told you that YOU have the power to influence the entire world — and that you have been influencing it all along without even knowing . . .

And what if I told you that YOU have the power to end this so-called pandemic for good from the comfort of your home . . .

Without physical actions. Without violence. Without fear.

All the great minds and seers throughout history knew this power exists.

Einstein said it . . . Tesla said it . . . Even Napoleon Hill said it in his #1 business book of all time:

“We Have The POWER To CHANGE the World”

What’s more, it’s been proven in at least 73 scientific studies and controlled experiments that we have this power.

This power comes from our true nature — that we are all one. I’m sure you’ve heard of it — and I’d bet if I asked, you’d say you understand what it means.

But do you?

What if there’s more to it than you can find in any self-help book or course?

What if going beyond “understanding” Oneness, all the way into the EXPERIENCE of it is the key to achieving everything you ever dreamed of?

And what if Oneness is the key to “unmaking the matrix” — to freeing ourselves from the chains of the few people who think they need to control us?

If you accept the possibility that this can be true — then perhaps the content of this page will change your life beyond your wildest dreams

All I’m asking for is a few minutes of your time — so you can read what I have to say on this page.

Because I want you to consider joining the brilliant people who already joined the Global INrising Movement.

You can join it for free because I am deeply convinced that the INrising is quite possibly our last chance to free millions from the control of the few.

If you don’t agree with what I’m saying and if you’ll decide not to join us — then it’s ok, and I love you anyway. ?

But if my words and ideas resonate within you — then you’re welcome to join this free movement of like-minded people from all over the world . . .

And start enhancing the world by enhancing yourself.

What is the Global INrising Movement?

We’ve created the Global INrising Movement because we had enough manipulation, lies and deleting our freedoms.

Our intention is to transmute this global situation.

We want to take our power back — and make the world a better place filled with love, acceptance and understanding.

Contrary to typical uprisings which are often ridiculed in mass media and violently silenced by law forces — we won’t be taking any physical action.

Because instead of looking at the external world — we will look deeply into ourselves.

And by changing us, the entire world will respond — as proven in dozens of scientific studies and experiments.

That’s why we’ve called this movement an INrising.

To achieve this goal, we will be gathering each day for 15 minutes — and we will dissolve all the fear and manipulation of this so-called pandemic.

We will be using 2 powerful techniques — much stronger than affirmations, meditation, chanting or anything you have ever experienced.

But before we get into that, let me briefly introduce myself.

Who’s Brian D. Ridgway?

I’m not a healer, a teacher, or a guru. I’m just a “reminder”, here to remind you of what you already — and always — know.

For over 30 years I was living a hell on Earth starting with extreme childhood abuse, leading to an adult life filled with business disasters, broken relationships and depression.

During that time I invested over $300,000 on different self-help solutions — yet no one and nothing was able to help me.

It all changed in 2011 when I experienced my moment of awakening.

Since then, I became an international speaker and #1 international bestselling author.

And I’ve helped over 120,000 people from 84 countries — including well-known celebrities and business people — to thrive in all aspects of their lives.

Now, let’s talk about scientific experiments which prove how powerful we are.

You Have the Power — And it’s a FACT

It’s been proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that whenever a group of people gathers together to meditate and raise the same intention — they immediately begin to influence the whole world.

Have a look at some experiments and studies which have tested and measured the influence of human mind on the world:

  • When people gathered to meditate for peace during the Lebanon war in 1983, the number of war deaths decreased by 76%. At the same time there were fewer car accidents, fires and the economy grew faster.
  • From 1987 to 1990 over 7,000 people in India were meditating for world peace. During that time the Cold War ended, the Berlin Wall came down, the Iraq-Iran war ended and South Africa started moving away from racial segregation.
  • Over 8,000 people were meditating for peace in three different periods. During those periods, the world’s terrorism was reduced by 72%
  • In 1997, 2,500 people were meditating in a highly controlled experiment in the Washington D.C. to decrease the crime. Before the experiment, the data showed a constant rise of violent crime in the D.C.. Yet when the experiment began, the FBI Uniform Crime reports measured a significant drop in violence, crime and stress in the D.C..

If that’s not enough, have a look at one more discovery:

A few days after 9/11, hundreds of millions of people were terrified and scared.

And this is when the scientists from Princeton University made a surprising discovery.

They’ve been using a device called a “Random Event Generator.”

It’s like a computerized version of tossing the coin — which always shows predictable results close to 50/50.

But in the days right after 9/11, this device started behaving unpredictably — with no clear reason for it.

The only answer to why it happened was because the feelings and emotions of millions of people affected the Earth’s magnetic field — and influenced the work of this electronic device.

All those experiments leave no doubts — we, you and me, have the power to change the world.

Spiritual leaders knew it, great minds throughout history knew it — and now science proves it real.

But where does this power come from and why do we have it?

Let me explain.

Where Does Our Power Come From?

The source of our power lies in our genuine nature.

We are One Infinite Being which exists beyond space and time.

And . . .

We have the power to change the world — because we ARE the world.

In short, it’s called Oneness — and I’m sure you’ve heard of it before.

But perhaps, like the thousands of people I serve with my work — odds are you haven’t fully experienced it yet.

In fact, for the best part of my life, I didn’t experience it either.

Back in the day I kept on saying that “we’re all one, we’re all one.”

And I thought I got it.

However, my every action, my every thought and my every feeling expressed that I had no clue what it truly meant.

In other words — I understood the concept, but I wasn’t living it.

What’s worse — no self-help book, no seminar and no course helped me to understand this.

It all changed in my moment of awakening in 2011.

This is when I realized that Oneness can never be truly understood or “grasped.” It can only be experienced.

And that experience changes your understanding of everything else.

Since that time I’ve touched and helped over 120,000 people from 84 countries.

And this is when it hit me — that just like me back in the day, millions of people are familiar with Oneness . . .

But virtually none of them are living it.

Think about it.

How many times have you heard that “we are one . . . everything’s energy . . . we created our reality?”

How many times have you been nodding your head in understanding?

I guess plenty of times, right?

But how many times have you actually EXPERIENCED and lived it?

If you’re like most people — including me 10 years ago — then probably you haven’t truly experienced it yet.

That’s why please, focus now and be present, because what I’m about to say is the key message of this page.

And it’s the key to achieving our intention — which is changing the world, by changing ourselves.

What it Really Means That we are ONE

Being One means that I am you. And you are me. And we are everything. And everything is us.

Every person you love . . . Every person you ignore . . . And every person you hate . . . They are YOU. And you are them.

Consider the tentacles of an octopus. Each tentacle has its own nervous system and can make its own decisions (to an extent).

But tentacles aren’t separate beings. They’re all part of a bigger creature. They’re all connected to each other and to the brain of the octopus.

We are a lot like those tentacles — but very sophisticated ones. We have our own identities, our unique bodies and beliefs . . .

Yet we’re all connected with each other — because WE ARE ONE Infinite Being.

And here, on Earth, we are all different aspects of the same being.

That’s why when we want to change the world — it requires that we change ourselves.

Because we are the world — and the world is us.

Maybe Ghandi said it best, “BE the change you wish to see in the world.”

So the only tool which can truly make this change is LOVE.

Because if we are all One . . . Why would we ever hate each other?

Why would we ever imagine that we can use hate and violence to change or improve the world?

Using hate and violence against other people and expecting positive changes is like beating yourself with a baseball bat and expecting it to make you feel better.

It’s ridiculous!

And yet that’s what we are PROGRAMMED to do

We are programmed to have enemies — to hate, harm and even kill them . . . Which in reality means we are programmed to harm OURSELVES.

Why do you think we have racism?

Why do you think we have different competing religions?

Why do you think we are “given” politics (two poles pitted against each other) as our “only” means of societal change?

Why do you think we have different nations and we’re programmed to “love and die for our country?”

Each and every one of these ideas is based in the illusion of separation - the seeming opposite of Oneness.

And those few people who think they rule the world use those ideas to separate us from our genuine nature and the power it gives us.

They even have a name for it: “Divide and Conquer”

They do it, because if people all over the world suddenly realized that we are All One . . .

This would mean an end of fear, end of control, end of wars, end of violence, judgement, racism, hate and everything that separates us from our genuine nature!

And the more of us who wake up and accept this reality — the more profound the results we will achieve.

This is what the Global INrising movement is all about. First, to truly “get” that we are ONE . . . And then to change ourselves (and the entire world) from the point of Oneness.

To achieve this, we will use the 2 most powerful techniques I am personally aware of.

2 Powerful Techniques to Help YOU Change the World

The first technique is called the Breath of Light Process 2.0.

It’s the most powerful, literally “liberating” audio experience I’ve ever created.

I was fully connected with Oneness when I was creating and recording it. In fact —in a very real way, I didn’t create it.

It was “given” to me.

This audio recording is similar to a guided meditation.

But it comes with brainwave audio, Ho’oponopono and other layered technologies which help you relax and reconnect with our true source.

There is nothing like it.

And thousands of people have experienced Oneness for the first time in their lives — by using the Breath of Light Process 2.0.

We will use this technique to send the message to the entire world that we are changing — so the world can follow.

Then we will use the second “consciousness tool” — which will help us change our deepest beliefs, paradigms, identities and emotions.

(Get ready to unmake reality and create a reality you truly prefer!)

This second technique is called Quantum Questions.

There is nothing more powerful than Quantum Questions when it comes to changing your personal reality . . .

And in result, changing your whole life.

I developed Quantum Questions when I realized how worthless and harmful affirmations can actually be. Let me explain.

Let’s say we’re not happy with our bank account.

We then go into any variation of “I’m wealthy . . . Money comes to me easily . . . I have millions of dollars . . .”

While in the deeper parts of our mind . . . We know we’re lying.

Those statements are in opposition to what we deeply believe and know.

They put us in opposition to ourselves. They give a clear signal to our mind that we are liars.

That’s why our mind makes no effort to help us manifest those millions we ask for.

So when I realized that affirmations can do more harm than good — I started looking for an alternative.

And soon enough I got inspired.

This is when Quantum Questions were born.

Quantum Questions almost “magically” encourage your subconscious mind to change the deep beliefs, paradigms, identities and underlying emotions which are ruling your life.

They do it because they are questions — not absolute statements like affirmations.

So when you’re asking yourself a question — your brain can’t deny it.

And even if it tried — it would have no time to do it because you will immediately ask another question, and another, and another.

Quantum Questions hack your conscious mind to shut up and listen to you. I

n this state, your messages go straight to your subconscious mind — which swaps your old, limiting beliefs with the new beliefs of freedom and change.

Let me show you the difference.

Here’s the affirmation: “I’m a millionaire.”

And here’s the Quantum Question:

“Why is it true that money comes to me effortlessly . . . And why am I so thrilled to have it whenever I ask for it?”

Another affirmation: “I’m happy.”

Quantum Question:

“Why is it true that happiness is my natural state of being . . . And why, no matter what happens, it is always in my best interest?”

See the difference?

Usually, people who first hear me saying Quantum Questions are left speechless.

Because for the first time in their lives, they can experience their minds soak those life-changing messages like a sponge.

And when it happens — all the unwanted manifestations in their bodies and in the world “miraculously” dissolve.

This, my friend, is how you will focus your infinite power, change your beliefs and enhance yourself — so the whole world can follow YOUR lead!

These are not empty promises. At the time I’m writing these words, we’re already 10 days into the Global INrising Movement.

And in such a short time, we already have members experiencing magic and miracles.

Miracles Are Happening!

“I had a Powerful Healing and Brain Cleanse”

“I’m Beginning to Get Free From Trauma”

“I Felt Like Travelling From One Universe to Another”

“It Took Away my Frustration and Bad Mood”

“After 30 Years I’ve Had a Breakthrough”

“Questions are a Million Times More Powerful”

“I’m Relaxed, Peaceful, and Centered”

How to Join the Global INrising Movement

Joining the Global INrising Movement is free — and all of the tools, techniques and resources are free too.

I am deeply convinced that INrising is quite possibly our last chance to free millions from the control of the few.

I am doing it for free . . .

Because it’s not about money. It’s about our freedom.

Join me and thousands of other people daily at 11am HST/2pm PST/5pm EST for the Quantum Questions Session

- 15 Minutes of Pure Love, Power and Magic, reclaiming YOUR infinite power and creative potential in the most amazing way.

OR, watch the replay of this at 11am in YOUR time zone - so we can keep this circle expanding around the planet, every hour on the hour

JOIN US EVERY DAY for this incredible experience and watch the illusions fall away.

It is our time. Only love can dissolve hate and fear.

Let's BE the change and recreate in the most powerful and effective way possible.

Imagine ending the pandemic as fast or even faster than it began.

Imagine living without fear and being free to be and do what you truly want.

Imagine creating a better world for yourself, your kids and your grandchildren.

What if Dr. Bruce Lipton is right that fear is one of the biggest killers and that we can change our biology by changing our beliefs?

What if it’s true that Earth is entering two different time frames?

What if there actually will be one Earth of fear, control, mandatory vaccination and mass human extinction . . .

And the Earth of love, spirituality and happiness?

What if what David Icke and Dr. Rashid Buttar say is actually true?

What if we’re being manipulated to give up our freedom so the few can control us on the biggest scale in human history?

Have you considered this to be true?

So maybe the doctors revealing how they’re forced to manipulate the death certificates are showing us the truth?

Maybe the videos of people walking through empty hospitals are showing us the truth?

Maybe the countries that refused the lockdown and have no signs of any pandemic whatsoever are showing us the truth?

If so . . .

Then maybe the INrising is the only way left for us to end the fear, undo this so-called pandemic, reclaim our freedom and make the world a better place?

Can you at least consider this to be true? I do. I believe in it with every cell of my body.

So, my Friend, This is IT

I have shown you my point of view, my understanding and my own solution.

If these ideas resonate with you — and if you believe that YOU and I can change this world together  . . .

Because we are together . . .

Because we are ONE . . .

Then I’m more than happy to welcome you to our Movement!

“Be the Change You Want to See in the World”

Be the one designing the show instead of watching it.

Be the one making the huge and lasting impact on the entire world.

It is OUR time.

Join the Global INrising Movement today.

Join me and thousands of other people daily at 11am HST/2pm PST/5pm EST for the Quantum Questions Livestream to reclaim your true power and world-changing potential

P.S. Many times in history people went against the oppression using violence — and they faced terrible consequences.I have shown this power

We don’t have to make this mistake — because we know we have the power to change the world in a peaceful way — from the comfort of our own homes.

This power has been shown to work in at least 73 experiments and scientific studies.

And all the spiritual leaders and great minds throughout history knew it exists.

If you want to awaken this power within you and use it to dissolve fear, manipulation and end this so-called pandemic, then the Global INrising Movement is for you.

Have a Question? Support@BrianDRidgway.com

* DISCLAIMER: Results are individual experiences and vary from person to person.


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